Fundraising Officer – to manage and diary events as they are suggested by members. To ensure each event, with the help of our Publicity Officer, is fully publicised and have enough helpers and resources to ensure their success. The Fundraising Officer reports to the Committee and BBA AGM on events that have been held. This could be a job-share – with one person taking responsibility for our area north of Girona and the other the south.

Secretary – for this role you need to be basic email, word processing and spreadsheet savvy. Requires that the holder has access to an on-line computer at their home. The Secretary is responsible for the management of the BBA email account, recording and maintaining the membership lists plus normal committee secretarial activities like preparing agendas, reports and minutes for both Committee meetings and the BBA AGM.

For both roles there is the need for the holders to be able to attend Committee meetings in Girona. These are normally every couple of months and take up a morning. Travel expenses can be claimed. The BBA Committee operates very much as a multi-function team and even though some of us have designated roles, we work very much together helping each other to get the job done.